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2005-02-04 21:24:42 (UTC)

Good evening to you all!!!

OMG i'm so tired! i think i might actually pass out in a minute!
Well... errrm... what have i bin up2?! well i went to school
on wednesday, and then went into town to see Richard coz i
missed him! lol and he ended up coming back to mine, we went
over to my mate sams house, and me, ben, dean, sam and
richard all sat in the caravan (in her garden, its our hang
out place) for like an hour! it was great fun! lol
Then me and richard went back to mine, but missed the 8:30
bus, so he stayed at mine till like 10:30 which was cool! We
just watched desperate housewives etc. I like having him round!
Oh we freaked out my friend Iona... she called me in a bit
of a hysterical mood, and we were chatting 4 a bit, but she
didn't know that richard was there, and he started
whispering to me, and iona freaked out coz she thought she
was hearing things! lol it was very funny... guess you had
to be there! Anyways, today i told her it was only richard,
but she didn't belive me! lol she would prefer to think that
she hears things, rather than be given a rational
explanation! lol
Oh yesturday was good... i had the day off school, coz i
went to the doctor about an eye infection on something
stupid, and ended up speaking to a nurse about giving up
smoking, who then prescribed me nicotine patches! lol... i
started on them today, and they're really good in my
opinion! i didn't get the urge to smoke as much as i usually
do when i give up! so i hope this goes well!
Anyways, after the doctors, i basically just spent the whole
day in town with richard, libby, and danni! i love them all!
lol they're great!
And today, i've just been at school... it was a bit boring
to say the least, and dean wasn't in so i didn't really have
someone to hang out with! well i mean i did, coz i've got
lots of mates, but only a few really close ones that i hang
out with at break and lunch etc. I was looking for iona, but
i couldn't find her, and ended up spending lunch with my
mate Bex instead! she's lovely! lol she's my Ju! (don't
worry, its just a thing we have!)
Errrm.. then afterschool today i got my hair cut... i used
to like it quite short, but i don't anymore, and i miss the
length of it all! when i go to college i might grow it out,
coz then i can do what i want with it and no one cares!
anyways, after having my hair done i went round to ionas,
and drunk smirnoff and archers! lol and listened to Panic
DHH! i like them! lol its very loud music! lol
And now i'm at home incredibly tired, and trying to explain
to this girl who has fancied me for a year that i'm gay, and
that the guy in my display picture is actually my boyfriend! lol

Anywho! i'm off now! tlk later! xxx

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