K Tru

Judge Tenderly of Me
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2005-02-04 19:22:36 (UTC)

New LOve InteREst ?

Is all I can think of lately.I've got all hours scheduled
next week which is good....Damn it I can't wait to
start.The only thing that's gonna piss me off is the
hotties that I can't date cuz:
3)He's taken
2)He's weird
and the number one reason that occrus more often then not:
There's so many Homo's in Chicago it's ridiculous, (you
know I used to feel bad about usin the word homo, but it's
short for homosexual, so why is it used in a derogatory
manner?)But at most retail joints if a guy is workin there
He's almost always gay or bi....why can't the ugly ones be
gay? cuz then no one would care...even you, dear reader,
have to admit that I have a point.I don't have anything
against them though, except the vicious bitchy ones.Or the
ones that try to imply that their gay rights are the same
as civil rights for african americans.For the record and
all due respect:Gays and Lesbians fight to have the right
to fuck the same sex in the ass...we fought to eat and
shit in the same places as white folks. Not quite the same
thing when you look at it like that huh?
But whatever I'll get off my Soapbox now....
OH yeah the main thought on my mind, I may have found
myself a new companion.Yes I still have Larry's heart in
mind as well, and I'm gonna try like a MOFO not to hurt
him. But he knows the dude, they were battle buddies in
Iraq, and still remain friends now.But I talked to him
Last night, put on the charm, you know......the whole 9. I
dunno if I'm under the skin yet but I definitely put a bug
in his ear.Downside:He's got a girl, Upside: it's only 6
months deep, meanining that I can wreck the shit if
necessary. Don't get it bent though only if he's worth it,
and they rarely are these days.But we've got a lot in
common, not gorgeous but I don't care that much about what
he looks like cuz his personality is the shit.We're
s'posed to get up later today, but we'll see....
aloha bitches