MY LIFE.. or something kinda like it
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2005-02-04 18:55:00 (UTC)

Tax Time

We got our taxes back today!! That makes me very happy.
Being broke gets old real quick.

It seems like the year is passing by so fast already.
Rhonda,Teddy's Mom, will be adopting their cousin's little
baby boy in about a week. That's when the baby's due
anyway. I think it's the best thing for them all. I mean,
Tonya obviosly can't take care of the baby, and Rhonda and
Like want one, but can't have one so that's a blessing.

Everone is having a baby,now. I think it's in the water! I
can't be drinking it until i lose about 50lbs. The last
thing i need is to get fatter than i am already!

I know that teddy hates to hear me say stuff like that. I
can't say that i blame him. I'm sure it's a turn off. I
guess maybe that's why i say stuff like that, to hear him
say,"baby, you are not even that big, you are sexy and
you're beautiful" B/c i gotta be honest, it does feel good
to hear that from the one who matters most.

Although, i will admit this too.... I use to get flirted w/
a lot, even though, I'd just roll my eyes or say"sorry,I
gotta man" but it was still flattering to know that i'm
attractive to others who aren't in love w/ me. But Oh well!
That kinda stuff ain't important.