My Shoes
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2005-02-04 16:59:17 (UTC)

Fashion Thursday

I slept like I didnt sleep yestrday. I just got up at 6
right now. Come to think of it I slept tha entire day. I got
out of bed n head right to tha computer. Chilld online
forawhile then I remember today I have suppose to kick it
wit my homie n his grr. They askd me to go to tha fashion
show a couple days ago.
Fuck I was too lazy to get up n head to tha shower. went
outside for a stog then I head to tha shower. I almost sing
in tha shower too. I think I woke up n feel hella fresh from
makin up those hours I miss for sleepin late. Shit when I
got out of tha shower my homie came. I was bout gona get
dressd n call them up too. they came bout 7 30 we miss bout
30 minutes of tha show. But is all good I didnt wana rush em
or anythang.
Cus I didnt give a fuck about tha show it aint mine. Im just
here to chill wit those 2. Shit when we got there I suprise
that it wasnt a vietnamese fashion show. It was all mix wit
white chicks. Some black n phillipinoes oh... some latinos. It
was tight I like this one better than tha vietnamese fashion
show they had at indepence high. That shit was wack everyone
choke on that show. I met hella young ladiez... they were
fine. Oh they had that hawian dance shit too. That shit was
nasty. They had mothafuckin fat bitches in skirt, bitches
wit mess up eye shadow, n bitches screamin like they want
some. Beside all that skit tha beat was tight they had music
I havent even heard b4. Tha show ended around 10. One of
Terry's friend was in there. We all left to Denny's after
tha show. There aint much nuttin to talk about over there.
So I guess thats my day. Got home at 12 shit aint no one
home. Except my bro he'd knock out in tha room. I wasnt
ready to sleep yet still wasnt tired. So I head back on to
tha computer. I got stuck on that shit tha whole night just
playin warcraft. I still havent even slept yet. Right now is
9 am shit.

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