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2005-02-04 14:06:28 (UTC)

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

What the heck does that mean? Beauty is in the eyes of the
beholder? You know, I've thought about it, and I am lost.
Does this mean that what the person believes to be
beautiful is beautiful, or whatever the actual eye sees is
beautiful, the mind believes it is beautiful. OR, are the
eyes the actual beautiful thing in question?

No idea. But one thing I do know, one of the most
beautiful parts of a person are their eyes; at least for me
anyways. For me, when I see a girl thats attractive, I
take notice like anyone. But whether if I pursue or not
depends on her eyes. And whenever I think about a person,
and try to picture them in my minds, usually the first
thing I see are their eyes.

Why is this so? Why are the eyes such an attractive
feature on a person? Why, when too people are in a
conversation, do they look at each other's eyes instead of
their mouths which are doing the communicating? The eyes
say it all. The eyes, I believe, send out more
communication than the mouth sometimes. So many words,
thoughts, and emotions can be expressed through a simple

The eyes are like a window into the person. Through them
you can see (no pun intended) who they really are, and what
they really feel. Everyone's eyes are different, even
though some may think that they have a common, or simple,
colour to them. They are a window into the person's soul.

Your eyes don't lie, they tell the truth no matter what.
They are who you are, just like two digital ID tags. There
are times when I can just stare at someone's eyes for
awhile. To take in the emotion, the feeling. I've learned
a lot about people just by looking in their eyes.

OK, for those of you who wear glasses, don't worry. You
don't look geeky, or ugly, or nerdy...although I'll
probably tease you about them. But, for some reason, I've
always found a girl who wears glasses is a lot more
beautiful than when she doesn't.

So, there you go. The, somewhat, answer to the above
question. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
Beauty is in the eyes.

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