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2005-02-04 13:46:05 (UTC)

The Rest of 2004

August - The beginning of August I went to Heaven with a
few of Sikena's friends. It was a fun night and we drank
quite a bit, met quite a few people and yes a good dance.
When we were on our way home, this deranged man starting
making conversation with the people readying to go home.
He was a 6 ft black man laced with various paraphernalia.
He bragged about how he used to coach Manchester United,
ran the New York Marathon and travelled the world. He was
wearing an inverted funnel around his neck. I asked what
it was and he turned out it around and after he had blown
into, it let out a huge trumpeted sound (I had to fucking
ask didn't I?). Anyway I got home safely and that was

September - Oh the highlight of my year but not so much in
a good way. The one day I remember so vividly was Ryan's
Birthday - the beginning, the middle and the aftermath
was one of the worse nights I've ever been out with.
During the first Saturdays of September it was to be
birthday. I met up with Michael and we journeyed together
to Central London - and here is where the fireworks began.
Ryan called up Michael to tell him that Emily was lost.
Which left me and Michael to go look for the lost fairy.
From my viewpoint the logical thing was to get Emily to
stay in one place but she kept moving between oxford
and tottenham court road station. Somehow Sam managed to
tell Emily one thing and she was listening to Ryan with
another thing and it conflicted because we ended up
spending around 45 minutes. Another thing was that she had
a new number which obviously I, nor Michael had.
Eventually we found her parading around in the Link,
eventually buying money to put on her phone.
After that we made our way the restaurant to eat with the
rest of them. We were meant to be there at 6 but it was
coming close to 7 and I had plans to meet up with Sikena a
while later for just hanging on the scene.
We sat down at the restaurant at Wardour Street (can't
remember what it was called) where Ryan greeted us with
Uni friends. The restaurant served things I would have
eaten at home and in a similar style - rice with lots of
dishes to accompany it. I was only there for around 45
minutes and then I had to go see Sikena. At the time Sam
was not present at the meal (but he planned on coming up
I met up with her at Ku Bar and we started mingling with
people that we know, especially this guy called Tom
(blonde Tom) and his faghag Cara. We sat outside talking
for ages and then I saw this guy John. I first met him at
Popstarz at Jay's birthday but never really spoke to him.
On the way to work that morning I saw him get on at
Plumstead Station and wondering what the fuck he was doing
there. Anyway I saw him again wearing the same Black
School boy shoes and there he was, standing outside of Ku
Bar looking like a camp minge. Anyway Sikena thought it
was funny how he and his 'friends' were all sitting on the
floor and I somehow linked that to tramps singing kum bai
ya. Anyway as he walked over we started singing in front
of his face and then he was like oh hello and I said hi.
We spoke for a bit and then sat outside the bar and Tom
was looking away from him as he didn't really like him
that much. We started mingling with others and found
ourselves having a really good time. Around 9 the crowd
began to pick up and we ended up securing a table outside
of the bar. We sat down and mingled with other people we
see and talked about the people we see but there wasn't
much else going on. Around 9.30 this asian guy who wears
glasses and always wears a bandanna came and started to um
chatting with us. He was so creepy, his entire mannerism
just shouted unsocial twat. Anyway we just ignored him.
Slightly before then Ryan and the rest of the people at the
restaurant came outside and shared a few drinks.
They took around half an hour later and then went to some
club I think. Later I got a call from Sam saying that he
was gonna meet up with me. I thought what the heck, I'm
gonna be home early so ok then. So he met me around
10.30ish when the bar was soon to be closing and he met us
outside. Sikena was going to go home and we went towards
her bus stop. She had a cigarette and Sam had a few puffs
(smokes) and that was that. He wanted to sort out problems
with Emily for a bit and at that time I wished I just said
I wanted to go home. But oh well I wanted to see the
fireworks so I stuck around. We then climbed (yes actually
climbed) on top of the bottom of Nelson's Column because he
thought it be funny to go and stalk Emily. Now I was a bit
sceptical of this but oh well anything really goes. We must
have been up there till around 1am. I wasn't really that
tired but I wanted to do something. Emily then came walking
past with the rest of them and at that point he decided to
become a twat and send dodgy messages saying 'Oh I can see
you'. Emily then climbed on top of the column and it was
obvious that she wanted to go home. Sam then ran off
somewhere and that was that. Emily gave me her phone and
Sam was ringing it and I said to Sam that it wasn't going
to do any good. Showed her the phone and he then ran and
got on the bus that Emily got on. Oh well I thought I might
as well go home so I decided to walk towards Tottenham
Court Road to go home. However around 3ish he decides to
get off the bus 4 stops later and gets lost. I however had
to end up chasing and trying to find. Luckily I did and we
ended up eating at some cafe. We walked and talked and sat
outside near Waterloo East Station and then thought we had
to kill around 2 hours so we decided to play on the swings.
Till around 4ish. Now we got bored and we wanted coffee so
we went to Soho and ordered coffee at an all night cafe.
Sat outside a bench nearby and saw two groups of african
arguing over something. It looked as though it was going to
escalate into something but oh well nothing did. Let's wrap
this up now. We eventually stayed there till around 7ish
and at that time we thought fuck it lets just nightbus (or
bus it home) and funny thing was, we saw John again. 3
times in 24hours shit it's an omen. We eventually got
home around 8 and that was that. Never will I ever spend a
night not having fun ever again.

The rest of September was pretty much average, went back to
Uni and met a few new friends and just did my thing. Enjoy