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2005-02-04 12:14:40 (UTC)

It's only just begun!!

Well since we are all having so much fun at the moment as
well as being incredibly busy I thought I'd set up this
online diary to keep track of our weekends so they dont all
merge into one (as well as reminding ourselves of our
stupid, drunken behavior- not sure if that's a good idea-
but it's all good (usually harmless) fun!!!!)
Hey guys (that's Su, mands and liz), If you wanna tell
anyone else about the diary please go ahead-but let me know
what I'm NOT allowed to write, also I'll give you the
passcode so you can all make entries yourselves- if you
want to!!!!
Well, as it is friday and not much to report as yet, I'll
just say where where all at right now, as a starting point
for future reference.
Well there's me (Vicky) been single a year and currently in
my second year of uni.
There's Mands who has been with Kev for about 5 years and
is a secondry school teacher of English.
There's Liz who has recently joined the singleton crew
after being with matt for about 3 years who works at my uni.
... and last, but no means least, Su who's been with Chris
for about 3 years and works as a manager for a law firm!
Will keep everyone posted of our monkey business after the

Loads of Love

Vicky x

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