2005-02-04 11:59:08 (UTC)

Hey.... It's the BIG day lol

Hey. Today is Febuarary 4th, the day of the Eastern Winter
Dance. It's not a HUGE thing, but It's the only thing
going on this month at Eastern. Plus the game should be
good. We're playing Southern. It's at home, so if you get
the chance (locals) come! It should be good. So, I wanna
hear stuff from ppl. just note I have icq and yahoo
messenger, so if you have either, add me!
Yahoo Messenger:kritt_88_16_05 or princessofehs
ICQ:my # is:266-438-959
I have others, but I use this one.
I'm 16 and I'm from Ohio. If you don't know, I'm a girl
too lol. Ummm, Well, just note that My friend Seirra
might win WINTER QUEEN tonight, and everyone is cheering
for her!!!
Oh yeah, My fav. ppl to talk to on internet is Lance
Griffin, Adam Phillips and John Hoffman. John is my
cousin,He's also a good friend, and Lance is my friend
from Eastern and My cousin knew Adam and I just added him
and started talking. He's nice. He's from Southern lol.

So, I guess I haven't anything else to talk about and soon
I have to go get ready for school.
My fav. SONG by far is Boulevard of Broken Dreams-Green Day
I also REALLY like :Since you've been gone: by Kelly
American Idiot by Green Day is pretty good... lol....Hey I
gotta go... Any questions? Comments, or just wanna talk,
yahoo messenger me or icq message me... lol... ttyl!!!
Love Kritter

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