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2005-02-04 10:30:21 (UTC)

"No Other One"

k so i woke up went to class my social pscyh teacher is a
mean ass motherfucker that makes sure you know that he
knows more than you went home studyed for my quiz in my
japanese class failed hate life high school kid pisses me
off in class fucken dumb ass went to daves had a forty
didnt even get me tipsy did a photoshoot cold as hell saw
aduition at the film fest didnt make any sence sucked
chilled for awhile came back to my apt talked to erika and
now im here going to take a shower adn watch a movie
note: people need to stop thinking they know it all and
talking down to people because in the end no one will be
there for them and people who are close to you should value
your opinion and not trash it cause it makes you feel like
shit and speaking of shit old weezer is the shit i think