The crazy world of me
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2005-02-04 06:22:29 (UTC)

shit i hate

I hate fucking the way things are right now in life. i
really wish i could explain but i just wanted to state it.
shit is so fucked up for me these days. I just hate so
mich shit right now. Maybe its all because i am extreamly
trippin on some shit right now. Sometimes i get emotional
or something and the only thing that i can think of is all
the fucked up shit that happens.
So I have been getting really fucked up these last few
weeks. It has been really fun. I have been hanging out
with this new kid keith and he is a really cool kid. I
dont know if I trust him though. I think I am just not
going to trust anyone anymore because shit never works out
right that way. Anyway he is a really cool kid for the
most part. I like chilling with him because we talk about
some crazy shit. I lost all train of thought. It has
taken so long to type the shit i have. it is ridiculous
Well, i am going to go pass out and do it all over again
tomorrow. peace kids!!

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