Darkness, Shadow....Hope
2005-02-04 04:42:13 (UTC)


Today was a good day. Me and Jon hung out and played video
games for a while. Then we went to his house and waited for
his little sister to come home from her friend chantelle's.
Then we caught the bus down to Mell's and went for coffee
with her. After that we went to Mell's house for a while.
Then finally we went to my house. Then He and Mell left.

I finally got the courage to talk to him about my fear of
the pictures in his back pack of Katie. It bothered me for
a while and then today at the bus stop i talked to him
about it. I guess it was for reassurance and it made me
feel better i guess.

He said i have nothing to worry about because i am the only
special person in his life. That makes me feel pretty good.
But i had to make sure because i have a hard time trusting
people. It's not an easy thing for me to do but i am trying
my best because i really like Jon.

He's wickedcool ;) anyways im watchin a super cool movie
and waitin for Jon to phone me so i must go but i will be
back tomorrow. muuwahhhahhhahhhahhhhahhhhaaahhh....

~ *~HaNnd|zZle~ *~

Mood: Content
Music: Green Day-Hits

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