My Ruined Reputation
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2005-02-04 03:46:31 (UTC)


Things haven't got any better. I was ok for a while
yesterday, but then I discovered I couldn't sleep at all
last night. Neither could Jasmin. So we texted each other
back and forth all night. w00t! Cell phone sleep over! I
did my Spanish homework at 4:00. Oh how very fun. I liked
being up though. It was so peaceful and quiet. And I had
all the time in the world to do whatever I pleased...As
long as it didn't wake anyone up. But ya, then morning
came, as it does every day, and it was time to get up.
Amazingly I wasn't the least bit tired. So ya...get to
school blah blah blah. I barely had the physical energy to
do anything. I couldn't walk 50 feet without breathing
hard. Talk about out of shape man...Heh. And no, I'm not
that fat...It's just the side affects of the day before.
And I'm still coming down from that right now too.
Anyways...I managed to skip the run in PE by some sort of
miracle. Which I was greatly thankful for. I think I would
have died. But anyways...lunch was depressing, as was the
rest of the day, but no comparison to how I feel now.
Alana is still wrapped up in Michael. I said hi to her
after school, which she DID hear, and I got ignored. Yay
for me. So ya, I get home and stuff and Jasmin calls and
we spend about an hour on the phone before her brother and
sisters disconnected us. But that was just enough time for
her to tell me that Lisa's mad at me. o.o For what, I
don't know and honestly I don't care. I didn't do anything
to make her mad and I've barely talked to her at all this
week, so fuck it. I don't care. Well...I do...I'm just
going to pretend like I don't because I'm just in that
bitchy stubborn mood right now. MOO!


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