Autum's Leaves
2005-02-04 03:32:23 (UTC)

Patrick Fugit

He's my love slave...not really...I wish.

He's the really gorgeous guy from Saved.

I want him.

Anyways, moving on to even less pertinant issues. Open Mic
Night is coming up Feb. 25th, Ross Auditorium, $2 entry,
6:30 to 9:00 pm. If you're anywhere close to Watauga
County in NC, you should be there! It's really great, all
sorts of different acts, mostly alternative rock though.
Everyone needs to come out and support these great

So, no school today. Thank me. Not really. Because if I
could control the weather, we wouldn't be going to school
tomorrow. Hope/pray/think/do-whatever-the-hell-you-do so
that we don't go to school tomorrow.

Had a dream about my co-director. Drempt (yes, it's a word
to me) that we made out and other things. I'm hoping that
I might have a chance with him, well, hoping more that he
might be clean. The last time I checked he was a total
pothead who hung out with my ex, and as we all know, I
can't handle the pothead thing. So, yeah, all I know is
that I need a new man, and therefore I need to get laid.

Ah, to have sex everyday again. No I'm not a nymphomaniac
or anything. So don't get all high and mighty. I
just "have sex like a man" -Sex and the City quote.
Anyways, maybe school tomorrow, which means I may have to
get up super early and do my homework in the morning. Eh,
I already need a Frap from Higher Grounds.

Have a stupendous night!