Tales of a Sissy Pig
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2005-02-04 03:06:04 (UTC)

Maid training

Lady Sybil told me that I need to practice in my heels
while I wait for my maid outfit. I am to perform my chores
of handwashing the dishes, vacuuming and cleaning the
bathroom wearing my heels and stockings. Lady Sybil told
me to wear an old pair of stockings until my dress
arrives I found out that my heels are to tight I should
have bought a 13 but they didnt have many 13 size shoes in

My outfit did not arrive so I checked and it is on
backorder I need to order another one or wait.

Lady Sybil told me that the new sexy shoes I bought her
were to come in and that she would possibly let me see
them on cam. I have been waiting all week she says they
didnt come in yet. I hope I can get to see them this
week. I have been playing with my clit and eating sissy
pie all week.

I found the candles Lady Sybil wanted me to get Seems
like I am always shopping for Lady Sybil