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2005-02-04 02:45:52 (UTC)

Me?! All lovered up?! Never!

Two days ago I was accused of being "all lovered up" by my
ex whilst talkin bout my present wench. All I said was
that she was coming to see me this weekend ie today yay! I
wouldn't put it quite like that but as I've said a
thousand times before there's something about this one.
Something special. I'm not one to speak too soon but I
know what kind of person I am and all my relationships so
far have lasted quite a while and right now I've got no
reason to believe that this one will be any different. I
mean, day by day is my philosophy but I'm hoping there's
gonna be quite a lot of days!

I loved (past tense) my last wench right? And it was
alright to say it cos for one thing I knew that it was
true and for another I knew at the time she felt the same
way. But with this wench it's hard to portray how much I
feel about her cos I can't say the big "L". I'm not saying
I do "L" her I mean it's far too early to be saying
anything like that plus she reads this journal so I don't
want her panicing! (Don't worry dear!) But she is really
special to me and I'm finding it difficult to put it into
words just how much she means to me. It's not like she
needs me to say anything I just wanna be able to reassure
her that she's the only one I wanna be with right now.
There's no one else even crossing my mind. My mind is in
the here and now and right now it's me and her. No one
else. No one else matters, no one else is involved it's
just us and that is the way I like it and for as long as
we're together, however long that may be, that is the way
I want it to be.

Anyway I'd better get some sleep got a long day tomorrow.