Angeline Rose

Love of the Loveless.
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2005-02-04 02:43:06 (UTC)

The good,The bad,and me.

Jumpin off a cliff isn't that scary....
Diving into a mess of fears isn't so harsh,
Walking in a cemetary, whatever...Sure.
Falling into an ocean, I'll do it.
Ripping my soul and cutting my love,
HELL NO! Are you kidding? I would do anything for love!But I
won't do that.
My friends say I'm crazy, stupid, or retarded!
I can eat off the ground,
but I won't touch a spider.
I'll sit and watch a scary movie,
all alone,
but I won't go to bed.
Sam say's,"Sometimes I wonder why I'm still friends with you,"
Jane says,"Co-coa"
Alice says,"FRIEND"
AND NO, these are not special people,
these are my friends,
It's a part of me.
I'm good,
I'm bad,
I'm ME.
If you're wondering, why is this story so mixed up?
Cuz It's me!
well, bye.
I'm gonna be an idiot, today, its not a mushy poem,
It's all,
It's under the mask.
It's me.