a thousand clever lines written on a tho
2005-02-04 00:36:51 (UTC)

well thennn...

well last night was ... sooo fun yet soo fucking weird at
the same time...terra was having convulsions....uhm it
didn't look healthyman....too much alcohol forsure, and she
lookd like the fuckin times her eyes would be
hopen but her eyeballs would be in the back of her head and
ew, she was tweaking out hardcore and her hands were
tensing, untensing, tensing, untensing, and she would be
moving her fingers around constantly..and started playing
w/ her necklace, and every once in a while she would start
crying...but like, the last thing she remmebers is going to
bed..and that was it..she was sleeping thru out the whole
thing..which is the part that fuckin freaked me
can someone be soo fucked up and not even be conscious of
it....well conscious, but in a deep sleep thinking nothing
of scary i dunno..anyways tonight I am
going to What the bleep w/ carmen!! oooo so excitd..air
might come, help explain things alot beter but whoooo
knos!!! dads gone until tuesday, 2 self..n
yea basically taht's it, I got honm at 8 this morning went
to sleep until 12ish waking up to construction in myu
house, and taht's all the sleep i've had..i think i'll be
dead after the movie but it's all good cuz if airs tays the
night she wants to goto bed early aas welll...anyhoo, havea
g ood one..p'ce

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