Hate This & I'll Love You
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2005-02-03 19:34:02 (UTC)

All Eyes

well yesterday i did write an entry but didnt post it.
just kinda forgot.

well i will recap.
yestersay i didnt go into college cos i would have only
been in for 2 hours so didnt see the point.

ive been in a good mood today. and im still in a good
mood, just tired. very tired. neeeed sleeeeeep

plans for the rest of the week:

friday. ice(plastic) skating at 6 with ppl then maybe
casablanca after.

then sat im goin to manchester with peter and his friend
to do his media studies film.

and tht bout it.

this good mood better last as long as it can. im havin

now i mite sleep for a bit.


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