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2005-02-03 18:45:09 (UTC)

Poem 16- One day left (4)

2005-01-11 20:57:06 (GMT)

Poem 16- One day left

one day left
they said into my ear
one day left in which to live
what would you do?
what will i do?
take a long walk into the fields of alysium
talk to the gods on mountain top
feel the wind in my hair.

one day left
what will i do?
tell you how you make me feel,
brush my hair a thousand tears
clouds rush, rush to the horizon
like the sun
like the sun setting on my last day.
too fast Ra runs, he runs to my end.

one day left.
look up, up up up into the sky
over the world that i stand on
never ending and never failing.
this world has been a good one.
but the darkness calls me.

one day left
the sun wont rise
and the moon wont set.
last smell of a rose
last taste of an apple.
last joke to laugh to.
on my own,
feeling good.

one day left.

© Lucy Griffin Jan05

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