Cleaning the Attic
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2005-02-03 17:51:48 (UTC)

Yellow Hands

The sun is beating warmly on my left hand, entering through
the southern window, and how pretty it looks shining off my
granddaughter’s dark, curly hair this morning. This is a
stellar day by anyone’s measure and should not be wasted.
There’s a Mary Kay gathering this afternoon and I’ve
decided to attend despite yesterday’s announcement that I
would not be going. But yesterday was grey and cloudy and
foggy and today is yellow and dreamy and it makes one want
to look as good as one feels.

Julie and I had a mother/daughter “moment” at Fuji last
night. She said it felt so good to have fun, that its been
ages since she had fun, and she thanked me over and again.
Would there could be many more times of fun and fellowship,
but funds are so tight. This summer will bring cheap fun
with the opening of the lake for swimming and picnicking.

Saturday I had a nice surprise when my brother and sister
in law wandered in for a visit from Muscatine. Steve was
very chirpy, beaming, even, due, I assume, to his pleasure
in the move from Michigan and acquisition of new, promising

And I look forward to new, promising moods as the days
lengthen and yellow becomes more apparent on my hands.

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