The diary of a drug Fiend
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2005-02-03 17:09:58 (UTC)

Act 1 Scene 1

Welcome to the diary of a Drug Fiend. The need for a
journal is an unconcious developement in the feeble human
mind. Only the strong, the thoughtful, the stupid and the
weak feel the need to write a diary. People believe that
their petty lives should be on display for others to read.
They believe that individually they are so important that
they feel that it is necessery for their lives to be put
onto the highlight. This isn't Hollywood. We don't have
happy endings, we're aren't all pretty. We're ugly. And
there is no such thing as a happy ending. We are all
happy, we are all sad, we all hurt and we all laugh. Its a
hypocritical life. Only the manicly depressed ever feel
true joy and happiness. Most of all, we all lie. A lot of
these diaries are streams of countless exagerations.
Psuedo Goths pleading for some much needed attention.
University Graduates trying to convince themselves that
they are having fun getting drunk every night, working
themselves into more debt for the possibility of a office
job or a career they'll hate. People convincing themselves
that they are important. Well we are all nobodies. Its sad
really. Its the most depressing thing about the humankind.
This is why we have created a God. A God that we killed
just as quickly. We felt the need to tell ourselves that
we are important. We are essential to the existence of
mankind or infact mankind needs to exist in the first
place. Even if their was a God he would hate you all. We
are all nothing but ugly psuedo-moral, hypocritical narrow
minded human beings. The Scum of the earth. Its these
differences and hypocrytes that has bought together the
death parade. The Motorcade for human kind. This is
someone you have created. This is someone you have bought
up with your lies and deceit and chocolate milk to fatten
his little digits. Much like the motorcade you have
created this Antichrist and elected him to where he is.
Now you will wish to destroy him. Kennedy could give you
his thoughts on that. That was before all his grey matter
rested on the back seat. But its too late. You don't know
him. You can't know him. All you can know is what he wants
you to know. Much like the rest of human kind you can only
know what you are allowed to know. 911 wasn't a political
terrorist act. Neither was the Riechstag. Can anyone see a
connection. Mankind and its politics needs an enemy for
its own greed. It needs a satan. In turn by creating a
satan to blame your downfalls on your have created your
own apocalypse. Mankind will destroy itself. And its
already given birth to its Antichrist. But it isn't a bad
thing. The bible is full of contradictions and is the most
hypocrytical book i have ever read. The Antichrist isn't
satans kin. He is not the messenger boy to be whipped
taunted and tortured. He is only here to enlighten you.
But mankind is too stupid to see this. They are stuck to
their middle aged religion of the episclopian valued and
aimed bible that is mearly a scare tactic. The bible
created The Antichrist much like it created a god. It was
wrong about God too. There is nothing you can do now. The
pied piper, advocate of sin is taking your children,
destroying the mainstream and taking away your mechanical
based society. Fools are the crops that we have sown. Now
the world has watered and nurtured these crops with lies
and deceit. The Antichrist is here.

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