Life as I knew it...
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2005-02-03 17:07:28 (UTC)

Better Today 2-3-05

So today is goin g alot better than it has been the last
couple of days. I am proud to say that the father of my
baby is trying to be there for me and is some what
interacting with me. Not like he should be but he is. It is
10:57 am on thursday and all is good except for people
these days are always getting in the way and never know
when to shut up. But other than that everything is fine and
I just can't wait to eat.. I am not as stressed out as I
have been. The doctor says that if I am not careful and I
keep getting stressed out like I have been that it could
hurt or even kill the baby. I really haven't been eating
right but I try to. So I am now on a very specific diet and
I have to call or make a note to my doctor of everything I
eat everyday, she is really trying to get me to do the
right thing but it is so hard going from eating whatever I
want whenever I want to eating more or less at the same
time everyday and having to write everything down. I also
have to have someone intial that they seen me eat it and
they have to write down the time as well. It is a mess. But
on the flip side, it is keeping me healthy.

So my little girl Jasmine is starting to walk. I have to
watch her every move now.. Wow I never thought the day
would come where I would have a little girl just like me.
She acts exactly like me but looks nothing like me. The
only thing that is even close to me is the fact that she
has straight hair and her skin is lighter than her daddy's.
Oh yea, he is kinda in the picture I had to take her to see
him. She was going to stay with him for 2 weeks but she got
sick and she couldn't so he brought her home 4 days after
having her. But at least he is trying. As soon as she gets
better I am taking her back down there so that they can see
each other and also because I am going to Hawii (sp) for a
week. I need it. I just need some time to myself and I am
getting to see my cousin who I have not seen in about 2
years. So that is a good thing. Well that is the end of
that. NO more to say


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