the way it has to be
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2005-02-03 17:04:00 (UTC)

Veni, Vidi, Vici - Julius Caesar

I came, I saw, I conquered! What a line! It is one that
gives me confidence, strength and a drive to obtain all the
things that i want and the feelings i want to feel.

I came...

I entered this world and an innocent baby, where others
wrote my story for me. I was raised in a catholic household
where God could solve all your problems if you prayed hard
enough. My parents got divorced and i came to be a student
at a new school, a new neighbourhood, a totally different
world. I graduated as one of the top of my class in grade 8
and i found myself at SBC, what a time. I came to York to
accomplish the dream(s) I've set out for myself. I have
come into many different places, with many different people,
but what have i learned?

I saw...

I've seen many different things in the 20 years on this
earth. I've seen terror through the eyes of the media, i've
witnessed the distruction of 2 marriages for different
reasons, I've seen 4 suicide attempts all are bad things.
However I've seen many good things too. I have seen where
strength and determination can get you. I've seen utter
happiness in the eyes of my friends, and I have experienced
it as well. The one thing i have yet to see is the world...
i have yet to step on the soil of many countries and embrace
their cultures and learn.

I conquered...

What can i say. I've conquered only a few things so far
that are on my list. One i actually did yesterday. I can
officially check off one of the things I wanted to
accomplish before I turn 21. I've actually created my own
webpage. Jeff you're the best! I have conquered pain,
suffering, stress and replaced them with joy, love and
success. I have conquered pain - physical, mental,
emotional. Now everything is all good. I didn't know that
this part of me existed until just recently.

So what have i learned so far...

I've learned that we all have to be thankful for what we
have, and not complain about the things that we don't have.
I am a very lucky person, I have my health, a family that
loves me, friends that care about me. I have the
opportunity to attend university and do well at it. I can't
complain about how my life is. Though all the good and the
bad, my life has been good. There are instances in
everyone's life where they blame Pandora for all the
problems that are going on, however with all the problems
and pain, there is HOPE! Hope cannot exist without pain and

Life is full of twists and turns and we have to learn from
them or else we're going to freek at every little thing. As
Odysseus realizes in the Ajax, life is full of reversals of
fortune. Those individuals who were once your friends can
become your enemies, as i've experienced, and those that are
your enemies can become your friends. It's scarey that
things can change in a split second, yet on the other hand
it's part of life's cleansing process.

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