My TwIsTeD tHoUgHtS
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2005-02-03 15:32:45 (UTC)

back to work tonight

been a couple of days since i wrote in here. well, reason
being because ive been doped up. still am acually but ive
been off work for the past 3 nights now and ive only missed
4 hours. thankfully lastweekend i worked over so much, but
im gunna work over this weekend too to make up some more
hours and get some overtime in so that i have some money on
the tunica trip. i cant wait! i got online the other day
looking for weekend packages and stuff for hotels and i
found a good one and so jerry called me and we both got
online and looked at it and stuff and he booked it for us.
then we talked on here for a couple of hours. it was great
talking to him...he has a surprise for me that weekend. im
sorta scared to know..lol if i come back engaged or married
dont be surprised because theres no telling what i would do
for that guy! ANYTHING! i swear he's on my mind all the
time. i think about our future everytime i lay down and
right before i go to sleep. thankfully he doesnt know this
link but for valentines day i bought him this really really
soft tennessee vols hoodie jacket...which i know i will
wear more than him..and i bought him a couple of polo
shirts because thats what he wears to work and im gunna go
to the mall and get him a dale jr. hat or a vols hat. im
not sure yet. im gunna give it to him in mississippi
though. that trip is just gunna be...awesome! although
jenna, sarah and casey wont be there other than them theres
no one else i would rather go and spend a weekend with than
jerry especially...cynt and kenny! i wanna know what my
damn surprise is NOW!!!!!

on diff. subject! my mouth hurts so much. ive been eating
my pain killers like m&m's so yeah im a lil addicted and i
only have 5 left. but what sucked was right after i had my
teeth pulled i came down with that 24 hour flu. i was
throwing up..having fevers..old sweats..everything! omg it
sucked! i was laying in my moms bed watching my girl and i
just remember thinking "omg here it comes im about to puke"
and i leaned over and puked in her garbage can. lol it even
came out of my nose so i was choked there for a min. omg
that sucked! but im ok now. this is my last night working
for this week although im coming in by myself tomorrow
night and doing a few things. i likebeing there alone
because i get more done that way and it actually gets done
right! i may go to paris sat. night and surprise jerry. i
dunno yet...it just all depends. but anyhow..i'll talk to
you guys later! ciao!!!

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