2005-02-03 14:02:09 (UTC)


What a night; last night that is.
It all started off with the clock turning from evening to
night, i think that was around 6:33pm...?

Anyways, I went to my "guests" house, where her aunt and
uncle met us and the four of us drove to the Yanni concert
at the ACC.

Alright, lets cut to the chase. The music was amazing.
Thats it. Period. Can't top it, can't even come close to
it. The amount of talent played through the various exotic
instruments was just awe-inspiring. I'm sorry, but if you
didn't get shivers down your back, then, well, check your
pulse or poke yourself in the ribs (even though i still got
poked anyways...) They played my favorite songs, and even
my guests favorite song...even though we missed the first
few minutes do to being re-located by an inside man in ACC
security my mom knew to the best seats in the house. (Gotta
love family connections). Its ok we missed a bit....a
promise is a promise, and I will fulfill it ;-)

Talk about inspiration. Man, I've wanted to play the piano
for years, and I think that dream will be coming true soon
(I still need a piano). Hopefully I'll be able to pick it
up quickly as I do most things.

After the concert my guest and I "hung out" and watched
some tv. Nice ending to a great evening. I will
definately do it again sometime...the hanging out part as
well :-P

Overall, I give that concert only a 14.5 out of 5 stars.
It was great. Of course, you have to be at a certain level
of sophistication to actually enjoy and appreciate it. And
being with someone (as I've said before) made that
experience even more enjoyable, and more memorable.

Sorry its a short one. But I can't really write down the
feelings and emotions that I felt that night. Amazing.
Curious. Comfortable. Warm. All tingly inside. And a
great concert.

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