Letter's to Roy
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2005-02-03 13:21:12 (UTC)


Good morning dear,

Well we are still a bit cold this morning. The fan hasn't
gotten fixed as of yet(8 am), hiwever it is to be fixed today.
Hopefully, soon.

Well Fran completed another lesson yesteday. I think he
will be able to graduate as we had thought, on tome in May.

AS for Bobby, well I understand he is still applying himself
to the program so I think he will be discharged in June or
July of this year.

Well, I worl 2 - 11 AGAIN TODAY. A gain, I will be probably
be down at commercial sales. After about 4 pm it is dead.
I only had about 6 sales after 4 pm. Now that is dead.

Well I am going for now, but remember this , my dear, I love
you and I always will. I will see you when I get there.
Love you!!

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