Richy's Ramblings
2005-02-03 12:48:43 (UTC)

Blasted delivery drivers!

I've just been interupted in my contemplation of a leaking
pipe, when out of nowhere the doorbell rings! why do they
have to do that? Can't they just come at more oppertune
times? If i carry on rmbling like this, then I'll sound
like an miserable out git!

Have you ever noticed how white vans spring up on you from
nowhere and nearly run you over? (Or is it just me?)
Looking at the fish, it seems they must have a very
pleasant life. swimming around without a care in the world,
only worrying if that cat they see outside the tank is
going to eat them or, if that large monstrosity is going to
poke around their gravel or give them some food.
well, I must go and take the dog out for a walk and if the
guinea pig would like his claws clipped.

Have fun,