My slightly demented life
2005-02-03 09:46:55 (UTC)

*hell of a life*

I know that im only sixteen and shit, but that doesnt mean
that I dont know right from wrong. And I do know how to use
my ears. Well here goes.
when i was about 8 or so, my mother left us and she left us
with our father. He was a computer technican at tha time
which was all good, he had his own business and we really
liked it. My mother was working with the disabled and we
liked that to. It was different. Well one day we got back
adn the black bag that my mother always took with her was
gone. At first we didn't think anythink of it, until we got
back and ran to the fridge to see what she had wrote on it
for us.but when we got there, there was nothing.
After a few days, i started to realise that my mother
wasn't coming home. It took me awhile to ask my father, but
then he just told me, and I realised that I had to step up.
Take on the motherly roll. So from a young age, I was doing
all the house work and shit and I never really had a
Then when my mother came back, we moved from my beloved
house, we moved to this gross house closer to town, and
then my dad left. He moved to try and make a life for us in
the big town of AUCKLAND! so it was different. My dad was
working at Ford, and he only had 4 days on and off, so it
was hard to see my dad.
I always liked my dad more than my mum when i was younger.
BUt those few days when he did come up, they were the best
time of my life.(back then)
Then after they sorted their shit out, we all moved up to
Auckland. It was different, I saw people MY COLOUR! I was
brown and down in the sticks, all the people were white,
and it was hard for me and my sisters and brothers. We were
brown and everyone else was white, but when we moved up to
the city, i saw people the same as me. But the hardest
thing for me was leaving my grandparents. I cried for ages.
The one thing I was going to miss tha most, was tha boys
across the road from them. I was in love with one of them.
His name was booger(brandon) and i loved him. He loved me.
We did everything together. I thought he would be my first
fuck, but he wasnt.
So when we left, I was so depressed and shit. I left my
grandparents and tha first love of my life.
So, then we moved into my first Auckland city home. I was
happy, because I was closer to my nana. I love my nana and
papa, with all my heart and soul. I really did love living
there and all. Closer to my nana and all that. My new
school was cool, I loved it. I was top of my class and all
my sisters were to.

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