Powet-try ni Mon-mon
2005-02-03 07:27:03 (UTC)

To Where Sorrow Dare Not Follow

A new dawn breaks upon the horizon,
The sun's rays glimmers on a peon,
A flock of birds soon festoons the skies,
‘Tis as if they can hear my silent cries.

Cries of woe that I heavily encumber,
Disturbing grief that I try not remember,
Yet still animosity and pain do not subside,
Memories of thou in my mind bide.

I reminisce the times when we used to share,
One mind thinking as if to no compare,
One soul invigorating my destitute despair,
And one heart beating like gusts of air.

The sun now sets upon yonder meadows,
A beautiful spectacle from this cold, dusty window,
Be patient my love for I soon sure follow,
Thou in that place where sorrow dare not follow.

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