My Gay Misadventures
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2005-02-03 07:22:01 (UTC)

Tid Bits.

I'v actually been meaning to update sooner. but being a lazy
ass SOB. I didnt. So fuck you diary. die.

My pierceing has healed real nice. no complications. I did
eventually meet Jared. He's put on some weight...well.. alot
of weight. no nookie for him. I got a raise. Found out dad
is termally ill. And running outta time to move. Whoo! Let
the good times roll...

Last night i got high right? And started typin this quick
email to Chris. Well...by the time i hit send, It was like 5
paragraphs long. Which really sucks. cuz i mentioned a few
things i wish i didnt. Poop. Guess im ganna find intent on
his reply....Hah. -- Ya know...when the new years came. I
told myself i'd achive 3 things in 3 months...Learn another
language. Learn to drive. and Gain 20lbs...but fuck me, i
havent done shit. and its already feb. I should stop
breathing. Silly faggot. But its cool. Im cool. No Worries.
Like Simba says.

Im off tommorrow. and have at least 2 dates down. Which is
good i guess...seeing how valentines day is around the
corner...but i dont want any of them to ask me out until i'v
delt with this whole chris-crush. I needa stop being picky..
..Contestent number 1 is some guy i met in drive-thru. Not
initially my type, but a pot smoker. which was a plus.
Everything was cool till i found out he has a bf for 7
years. So thats not ganna go far...Contestent 2 is a Air
force guy...Freakishly cute. nice body. But a complete...
whats the word? Goober. very conservative. goofey everything
(sometimes annoying) But he's a real sweetheart. Very
romantic and chivarious. However...he isnt Out (due to the
military n all) and isnt into anything I am. He's Simple
and Clean. neither which are characteristics i hold in high
regard. but i'll give it a shot.

Oh yea...an important note i have to add...My last ex,
Matias (Mat) I spoke to him recently. I saw him on gay.com.
I was taken back. Until then, i hadnt gotten over him. So
when we chatted, i was in shock. Heart raceing, faint
breathing. the works. The phone conversation was much the
same...we cought up on old times. I really really liked it..
.But then shortly after it ended...I felt...Free. Its like..
.After all these months (9 to be exact) of hunting and
searching for him. I finaly have closeure. Iv never felt so
good. Im Single again. I havent talked to him since, but its
ok. Im better now. As Lisa Lobe once said "I dont know, and
I dont care, if i ever will see you again"

Im debating if i should keep typing or get high.............
................... Meh. I'll choose the latter.