U think u know, but u have no Idea
2005-02-03 03:02:36 (UTC)

long time no see good friend

wow....its been so long since i wrote in this
2-3 years. so much has changed and i've grown so much.I now
have a boyfriend of a year and 7 months..who i love more
than life it self and would marry him if i could (but he
goes to college in august and i'm not going to wait for him
becuz college/highschool relationships never work
out..........never)my new best friend is this girl named
chloe (she looks JUST like mischa barton or marrisa from
the OC) and i am never involved with drama anymore, i just
observe it now,lol.que else???i'm looking at colleges (
vanderbilt,elon,wakeforest,pepperdine,tulane, washington
university in st.louis to name a few)and i just feel so
differnt from the person who used to write in here. like
reading my entries from when i was in 8th grade i wonder,
damn, was i really that neurotic!!??i mean i cant really
say too much has changed other wise but now that i'm older
i'm listening more to the ppl around me and essentially
seeing the type of circle i'm going to be in when i'm
older. what i've learned is that if i dont get into a good
college marry rich, it never fails. marry for money the
first time marry for love the second.WOW sad i know...what
else is new...I'M A DEBUTANTE!!!!!! omg i'm sooo excited,
i've been learning to waltz and i got my wedding dress (in
the really conservative ones u can only wear big white
gowns that cant be strapless or have clevage or anything
like that). i get to dance with my father so that should be
fun. i think billy and chloe are going to come so that
should be fun too.but thats about all thats new...i'm still
the same meaghan,lol
for old times sake
mood:sleepy and restless (i only get like 5 hours of sleep
a night and i miss my boyfriend...i hate not seeing him,
even if i saw him 3 hours ago)
clohtes:citizen of humantity jeans:faye style/fit,sparkly
silver cropped shrug from BCBG, white t-shirt with screen
print of bob marley and moccasin boots (they're my fave!)