daily self deceptions...
2005-02-03 02:56:32 (UTC)

Felt so good...

Today seems like an extraordinarily short day. I am so
unbelieveably tired!! Like, its only 10pm and I'm ready to
pass out already. But I can't. 'Dirty' is calling me in
about 20 mins. This after we talked for like 4 hours today
already. It would've been longer but he had some issues to
deal with. I love talking to him. His voice echos in my
head. I hear it in my dreams. He feels so.. right.
It's crazy how now my life revolves around him. I'm in my
twenties. This is supposed to be my prime for going out and
bar hopping and what am I doing? Staying home on weekends
to talk to a man I've yet to meet that lives on the other
side of the country. My God what the hell is wrong with me.
I think I'm too tired to write anymore... Maybe a lil
later if I can't sleep I'll drop a line.

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