2005-02-03 00:12:57 (UTC)

Me on Today

Dear Diary,
Today was really kinda embarassing. First I was
running a little late and so was mom so she called in her
work and said that she was going to be late and asked me
if I wanted a ride to school. So I said yes and figured I
would be at school about 15 minutes before Maura, Sonja
and the gang showed up. So mom and me went to the store
and bought
nylons and dropped toni off and went up the hill. I got to
school and no one was there! I was thought that we were
just early and I said bye to mom and went to the library
and read about 5 lb. balls of hair. I went outside about a
half an hour later and no one was still there! I over
heard the yard duty saying something about late start and
realized what I had forgotten, today was a late start! I
had arrived an hour early! I am such a dweeb! At lunch
Ashley wanted me and maura to aske Seth Scales out for
her. We agreed and then walked down to the b-ball court
and asked in front of his friends and then Chris
Ainacincio (spelling???) and Everett started to make fun
of her upper lip and how its shaped weird. It was really
sweet how the new kid Keith stood up for her and goofily
dissed them.Seth eventually said no, so we turned to walk
away and then the group of boys started shouting and
saying Chris Williams would go out with her, we were like
whatever. So we walked back and told her that Seth said no
and I made the stupid mistake to say the some of the boys
were teasing her and she just shrugged. But when I saw her
in study hall, she was bawling! and she said she found out
about Everett and Chris! So who was it who told her? I
suspect Maura because Chelsea said she was upset in
Language and Maura is in her Language class so it must
have been her! A-ha! I knew it! I am so sneaky.Today Joe
asked me out and I said I didn't want a boyfriend and he
got said so I explained it to him. I am going
to have a talk to her when I see her around five ish. I
have to do chores so I might write later.

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