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2005-02-02 23:50:09 (UTC)

Why Men Cheat! wrote by sum guy lol

When it comes to relationships, the adage “cheaters never
prosper” seems to say it all. Of course, not all men are
cheaters, and not all women stay faithful. But let’s
examine the reasons why some men cross the line.

How do things get to the point where he might cheat on
you? After all, you're an attractive, funny, sexy and
smart woman. You should be enough for him, right? In an
ideal world, yes — but when was the last time your world
was ideal? Not recently, if you can relate in the least
bit to the sting of infidelity.

There are numerous reasons why men may endanger a
relationship by cheating — if you catch a guy in a
confessional mood here are a few you may hear:

1. Fear of commitment
"I had been dating Michelle for about four months when the
invitation to her Dad's party arrived. I guess we were an
item, but it was freaky becoming a 'plus one' overnight.
Maybe that's why I hooked up with my buddy's cousin, I
don't know. She was pretty, from out of town and
understood this was a one-time thing ... I never did make
it to that party."
— Victor, Scottsdale, Ariz.

2. For the thrill of it
"Every year I'm responsible for an intern. Usually it is
some clingy, overachieving geek, but this year I scored. A
redheaded beauty, she knew she was the bee's knees and
enjoyed watching me drool. It was risky and I didn't get
much work done, but my girlfriend knows my work comes
— Roger, Atlanta, Ga.

3. He is not fulfilled
"My ex, Brenda and I started out sharing late nights, long
talks and make out sessions at the pub. It was beautiful,
but it faded quickly. Now I'm lucky to get her off the
couch. And physical intimacy? Well, forget about it. I
think it was a return to those early days I was looking
for that Saturday night I found myself at the pub by
myself and on the prowl. I didn't leave alone, but I sure
feel that way now."
— TJ, San Francisco, Calif.

4. Sabotage
"Sandie and I always seemed mismatched, but between my
waffling and her crying I could never quite end it with
her. It got so bad that eventually I started to resent
her. I had to do something. I know it wasn't right, but
one night I hit on a friend of hers and well, something
happened. It wasn't the best way to end a relationship but
at least it's done."
— Drew, Dallas, Texas

5. Revenge
"I love parties and I wasn't about to miss another just
because my girlfriend doesn't — so I went stag. Sure,
there were some real hotties there and a little innocent
flirting on my part, but that's all. But that wasn't good
enough for Gina. She was sure I had cheated, and holds it
over my head to this day. Well, let her think what she
wants. She's got a past, too. There will be other parties
and maybe next time I won't be so innocent."
— Alex, Buffalo, N.Y.

6. Because you let him
"Yeah I admit it. I am a little bit of a dog when it comes
to the ladies. Even though I consider Angela my
girlfriend, there have been other women. I'm not saying
that she thinks it was okay, but she did catch me once and
after a little groveling and some flowers she took me
right back. A man's got his needs. I think she knows
— Paul, Pasadena, Calif.

7. Emotional escape
"The week before I left for my trip, Heather and I got
into another doozy. I love her and all, but no matter what
I say she always ends up nagging me. I'm just tired of it.
I travel a lot and I've got way too much invested in the
relationship to break it off, so I have just decided to
mix business with pleasure. What she doesn't know won't
hurt her and I really need a break now and then."
— Sean, Chicago, Ill.

Wrote by SOME GUY

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