Autum's Leaves
2005-02-02 21:47:21 (UTC)

Why I Hate Tech

Subtitle: Why I Love Germinol.

Egh. I just wrote this entry and didn't push the submit
button. *bangs head on desk* Stupid!

Anyways, I'm sick of having to deal with Tech class, so
I dropped it. Some Soph. decides to call me a bitch, so I
leave. Not only that, but my ex was in the class, which
made for interesting afternoons.

Just finished casting the newest play! Woo-hoo!
Well...sort of. My codirector and I still have to argue
with the other directors about some people, but other than
that we are ready to go. It's Loose Connections, goes up
March 8th. Five guys, Five girls, seven sophomore's, two
seniors. It's gonna be great. And even more fun to direct.
International Thespian Society (our sect) has decided to
do a big fundraising show this year for our annual year
end award ceremony. It's Baby, 11 person one act, goes up
in three weeks...probably. I think we can do it. The last
one act I was in went up in two.

So Germinol. Everyone out there needs to read it! It's
number three in my You-Should-Read-This-Book list (the
first two being The Da Vinci Code, and America: The Book).
Something good actually happened! It was quite a shock,
yet still gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.

So yes, also be wishing me as much luck as possible 1)
That it snows tomorrow, thereby keeping everyone at home
until the weekend 2)That I can scrounge up some money for
gas and 3)That everything works out Sunday.
Finally got to show Mr. Hardin my protest pictures. He's
so hot. He's 25. I figure...that's not so bad. Haha.

Coming soon: How I Knew a Heroine Addict, My Pimpmobile
and Protest '05.