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2005-02-02 21:23:25 (UTC)

My Little Elfain Goddess! (Is that a word?)

So, um, yeah, like I said before, my Juicy has me writting
in this and I'm starting to think that it's ok. When I
actually have time to write in it.

But my baby and I are really doing well, and that's kinda
suprising to me because I've never spent practically
everyday with a person for like three weeks and still
wanted to be around them. Kelly's (who, for those of yall
that may be reading this, calls me Foofie-foofie, she got
that retarded junk off of "Strange Luv", we've, no she's,
got to stop watching that show) been like the only person
that I've been spending time with since school started
back. She's really become my new bf. Which is not
surprising because were both so goofy and giving. Sorry
about the title baby.LOL (She doesn't like it when I call
her and Elf.) She not that short though. She's maybe like
3'5" or was it 5'3", somewhere around there.LOL LOL. Love
you baby.

Um, yeah, so, like I've been telling her, we have to stop
playing so much because I think It's starting to distract
us and our grades are already sub-par. Also because I
can't take all of this sexual energy flowing between us
when we can't have sex. Not that I'm complaing, because I
love my baby, and I respect what she belives in. I said
that I was going to wait until I was married to but I
turned fourteen and that all changed, eventhough I still
held out till I was sixteen(when I lost my virginity.)
It's just that every time we play, body parts are exposed,
and I really don't know how long I can go without trying
to stick it in. Not that I'm tring to take it or anything
because: 1. I defenetly don't want to hurt my baby., 2.
the way I see it is, if you have to take the pussy then
it's not worth it., 3. I don't want my baby to be mad at
me or(if she happeneds to go along with it) herself for
putting her values aside., and 4. I'm really not trying to
go to jail(especially not for rape cause if thats all you
going for then your pretty much somebodies bitch before
you get in there.)

I'm really trying to get my baby to understand that I'm
really not just trying to hit it and quit it(which she may
and I hope she does) because I've never been the type to
have meaningless relationships(okay I have had three and
they all ended horribly) I guess because I didn't really
care. However all of the real relationships that I've had
or atleast tried to have have end great. If I ever run
into one of the person that I really consider to be my
ex's then things would good as gravy and as for the girls
that I loved but never got with are still some of my best
friends. (DAMN THIS IS REALLY LONG, But if your tired of
reading, ........WELL, ...........UM, ..............STOP

Yeah, so, um, as I was saying I love my baby, and I want
to be with her for however long this thing will go
(hopefully atleast till we graduate, ATLEAST, cross my
fingures, pray to god, knock on wood, and kiss an elf;
luckily I can do that last one everyday, HA, HA.) But, I
haven't had any since the week after I turned seveteen;
yeah, I will be twenty in exactly twenty-eight days and
this is killing me. But when you're in love you have to
make sacrifices and I'm trying. So pray for me people. I
ahve to go find my baby now she got out of class at 3:50
and it's 4:21 so I know she's somewhere PIIISSED! Not to
mention that I missed her at lunch but I'll try to make it
up to her tonight.

Much luv people.
Duece up, A-town down,
Keep it pimpin.

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