My Disturbing Thoughts
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2005-02-02 20:05:47 (UTC)

January 12

This was one of the happiest days of my life
When I realized that he does really love me
And he is not out to hurt me
He actually does want to be with me
I just hope that he is not making a huge mistake
I am not the easiest person to live with
I know...I live with me
I hope I can make him happy
I hope I can take care of him
I know I will love him until the day I die
But will he always love me
Love fades
Love dies
Sometimes love just seems real at first
It appears in an instant
And disappears almost as fast

What is love anyway
I have always wondered about that
I have never felt anything like this before
So I know this is love
But why do I feel this way
And what made me love him in the first place
A better question would be what made him love ME in the
first place
I am a nobody
I will stay a nobody
And he will continue to grow
As long as I don't hold him down