My Disturbing Thoughts
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2005-02-02 19:54:12 (UTC)

I hate when wwe have fights I..

I hate when wwe have fights
I just want to kill myself everytime I upset him
He has done so much for me
And I have done nothing to repay him
We have big fights over the smallest of things
Which makes me wonder
How big the fights will be when we actually have something
to fight about
That scares me
It really really does
I try so hard not to take things out on him but he is the
one I am closest to and he is also the only one around
I hate myself for not always being able to keep my emotions
under control
I try to keep a lot of things inside
otherwise I would be impossible to live with
I hate being a bitch
I love him so much and I want to do everything I can to make
this work and to make him happy