Lala's Log
2005-02-02 17:14:44 (UTC)

This cold....

This cold is never going to go away!! By the way Abby
didn't kill me and Olga forgave me so all is good. The
fast food place I work is making me so angry I'm getting
nothing hours. I told the daycare to make me full time and
I'm make my other job part time. The daycare is giving me
free classes to get my CDA and then I'll get paid like a
dollar more an hour. This one girl was a no show no call
so I'll be getting her hours!! Anyway I feel like shit. I
woke up at 11AM. Usually I'm getting off of work at that
time. It was so nice but know I have to clean and do all
this other stuff before I go to the daycare and my nose
wont stop and my head is banging and the other day my
lungs filled up so bad I broke out in a sweet and teared
up. It was really scary. I don't know what I have but I
wish it would just go away!!

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