You think you know, but you have no idea
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2005-02-02 16:55:14 (UTC)

i'm sickie-poo but going to practice...even sore!

i really dont feel well. i am wearing my new shoes and my
feet havent quite adjusted yet, so they hurt if i walk fo
more than 2 minutes. i think i am getting a cold. i
havent gotten enough sleep in the past few days. im
tired. my room is a mess, which i'm usually okay with,
but now it has gotten to a point where i dont know where
anything is. i'm disoriented. im tired. i'm sick.

i am also behind in about half of my classes...if not
most. i am not going to my 1 or 2 pm classes. i am too
behind to sit up in class and have no clue whats going on.

well i have about 15 more minutes until i go to lunch with
my foofie-foofie. i dont have my paw card, so i will not
be eating there. i will have to go back to my room and
eat. its all good though b/c i need to study for my 3pm
test and take a nap anyway.

i have band practice after that. i need to be there at
530 pm...which means that i will have exactly an hour and
a half to eat/nap/play with my sugar's goodies/do
homework/whatever until then.

by the way, another band person is sitting beside me. his
name is also chris. this guy is different from the one in
the first entry. this one plays quads...or used to last
semester. i dont know if he quit or not. i dont care,
really. he's pretty cool. he has the same birthday as year younger...georgian. damn southerners! lol,
he's falling asleep at his computer. i think he's just as
tired as i am. i used to have half of a crush on him
until i found out that he was a ho. oh well. i have my
foofie-foofie now.

damn im sleepy. oh, in band we are playing like the
greatest song ever!!!! sans-saint's bachanale from samson
and delilah. omg, the french horns in that shit are
amazing! when we sight-read it yesterday, it was awful,
but i swear, if the band hears how it SHOULD be
played,they'd fall in love with it. i have a cd of it. i
oughta bring it.

yeah, but my sugar and i had fun last night. i'm kinda
sore from it though. :) we need to stop playing with
each other so hard.

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