Valerie Wu

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2005-02-02 15:15:52 (UTC)

Being refused

IL told me that she would take the cake-baking class
tomorrow evening. It's awkward that VW had asked a lot of
things about that. It seemed that he would like to bake a
cake too. We asked him what's for and he just shut his mouth
up. I tried to convince him to bake one for us to get a
taste first but he was so mean to refuse me.

Today morning I also convinced SY to participate the "cruel
ding" organized by the TVB. My idea was also rejected by
him. I was just giving him a way to getting more money and
we can share the prize in case that he would sing for 30 sec
without being "dinged". He just ignored me.

Why was i refused for twice in one single day? I just tried
to be helpful but nobody appreciaed it. My enthusiam was
turned down by their meanful words. So, forget it. I
wouldn't say any words to bother them anymore. Wouldn't be I
too naive that nobody treated me as an adult to listen my
opinions patiently? I hope I could find one.