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2005-02-02 14:32:06 (UTC)

Why - A child's most asked question.

Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? What is the
purpose of existence?

Everyone that has drawn breath on this earth has asked that
question at one point in their life. And its amazing of
the different theories derived from this simple question,
whether they are religious, scientific, or philosophically

But why do we ask it? For reason. For purpose. For the
response that will comfort us and give us the motivation to
continue. We HAVE TO know. This is why so much money is
put towards research in any and every aspect possible.

A problem though that we have developed throughout life is
that whenever a concept has been discovered, whether it is
the mating habits of an animal, the transformation of a
super nova, the setting of the sun, or a sneeze, we must
give it a reason as to why it happened. Religious,
scientific, even philosophical, but a reason (maybe two)
none the less. How did we get here? Well, God made the
world and then made this and that and then man and woman
and it goes on and on. OR 50 gazillion years ago an
antimatter particle and matter particle collided and
created a big bang from which millions of atoms were
created and combined at different rates to form substances,
and then planets, then life...

But do we really need a reason for the meaning of why it
happened? Was God bored one day and decided to create a
little science project solar system, and populate one
planet with species just to have his laughs? I mean, what
if there isn't a reason? Why won't people accept the
answer as: just because. Why are we here? Because. Whats
the meaning of life? Nothing.

What if there WERE a meaning to life. Let's look at this.
Life has a meaning, a purpose, a reason. That means that
whatever has life has a purpose. From the smallest single
celled amoeba, to the huge humpbacked whale, everything
with life has a purpose of some sort. Then what is it?

Imagine this: There are trillions of stars in the universe
(ours anyways, not mentioning other universes). Lets say 1%
of them have a solar system like ours. Lets says 1% of
those have a planet in their solar system with some form of
life on it. And, from that, lets say 1% of those have an
advanced form of species like us. Hell, thats a lot of
species in the universe, ours anyways. Because, if it was
just us in all of this space...it'd be a pretty big waste
of space.

So, from all this, lets say that there IS life on other
planets. Then hey, that means that they have meanings and
purposes too, right? WOW, that is a lot of reasons.

One thing that every single life form has in common though,
whether they are on earth, or on planet X, or even residing
in the sun itself, is an instinct. A basic instinct that
is born into each life when it is created. You can even
test it. Get a candle and light it. Now, put your finger
over the flame. What happened? You pulled away, in pain. A
natural reaction, for what though, for what purpose or
meaning. Its the natural reaction of survival. Every
animal or human or plant or whatever has this basic
instinct, to survive; to live.

So, for me, that is the meaning of life. To live it. To
enjoy it. With whatever, and whoever.

So there, you have your answer. Why are we here? Because.
Just because.