2005-02-02 08:22:31 (UTC)

itchy itchy scratchy scratchy..

ooh I got one down my back-y

Day 12 of the crazy infectestion of extraterrestrial
hives. And Day 3 of the unbearable itchiness.
I look and feel as if I've been attacked by a horde of
bloodthirsty mosquitoes (ahhhh les moustiques) while naked
in the woods for several hours and maybe attacked by wild
dogs as I'm covered in battle scars from scratching myself
to deat in my sleep. I can no longer fight off this urge
to itch. Nor can I get anything done as the I can't seem
to distract myself from the unending itchiness.
While the Narnia cream (I know that's prolly not the real
name but the pictures of golden pears and Aslan that cross
my mind are just too pleasing - I see Disney has a
production of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe in
progress and boy am I ever excited! I always dreamt of
going to magical lands as a kid, still do, every time I
watch Harry Potter I feel so jealous....)but 3 times a day
is not enough.
Here's to one more night of trying not to scratch instead
of sleeping and to the beautiful, beautiful bliss of
antihistamines, which I will once more be allowed to
ingest tomorrow afternoon.



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