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2005-02-02 07:01:20 (UTC)


There comes a time in life, when you find out who are
really your friends...Like when something happens to you
and you tell that person not to say anything and the next
thing you know, everyone and there mom knows what is going
on with you. But the really sh&tty part is, when you are
not sure WHO that person is, because someone wants to
respect their wishes and not tell you told them. What about
YOUR trust that has been broken...Do you or do you not have
the right to know who is telling your PERSONAL business to
people? I hate to think of how many people now know what is
going on with me, and I want to know who is laughing at me
behind my back. I DON'T NEED ANYMORE BULLSH&T!! I am
already dealing with enough with being pregnant and now I
have someone telling my business to people and I'm not
allowed to know who. I didn't know anyone that I told hated
me so much, but I can garentee you this, when I find out
who told, that person will be sorry, that they had broken
my trust.