The Keeper of Reality

Life...or something like it
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2005-02-02 05:43:35 (UTC)

Entry One - The beginning of something mediocre

Almost every famous diary has always began with a
memberable statement, thought provoking question, or a
well thought out philosophy concerning life. DOn't get
your hopes up...this isn't my style. If you came here
hoping for Shakespeare, you might as well leave now.

But why would you even be interested in knowing
anything about the author of this diary entry?
Well...don't kid yourselves. The majority of people who
are going to look at this journal entry are probably
sitting in front of their computer at 2:16AM, a bag of
potatoe chips in their hand, and a 1 minute and 42 second
porno running in the background. No sense trying to lie or
deny it. This is the way I'll won't hear me
try to butter up the truth; whether about me, about what I
consider important (as well as unimportant and
insignificant), or about life in general. Welcome to my

Truth be told, I don't really hold any interest in this
whole diary thing. I first learned of this website when it
was shown to my friend by a friend of a girl he was trying
to impress. I don't have the need nor desire to reveal to
any of you the inner workings of my mind. I got hooked to
reading about the tragedies and troubles of others, and I
felt the need to repay my debt to this site for giving me
something somewhat interesting to read during my boring
Business Communications class.

What should my readers expect to see in the upcoming
entries? If it pisses me off, if I find it interesting, or
if I just feel the need to rant on about how hypocritical
the world as a whole has become, then expect to read about
it in an upcoming entry.

But for now....I'm going to bed. That's right. It's
12:42 AM. Believe it or not, people do go to bed at this
time. So...yeah, you, sitting on your fat ass with one
greasy hand on the mouse, and the other greasy hand on
your pecker...why don't you give this a try for once? Turn
on some music, go lay down in bed (remember to remove your
hand from your pecker - don't worry, it'll be there in the
morning), and go to sleep. Get up
between 9 and 10 oclock, go outside, and enjoy what you
have been missing for the past 35 years of your life. In
fact, unplug you computer for just one hour (hell, if your
feeling froggy, go for two)....don't worry, Evercrarck
will still be there when you get back.

No worries though, "35 year old, sexually depraved nerd
who has a level 50 necromancer in the world of
whatever"...don't feel like I'm just picking on you. In my
next entry, you'll read about a whole new meaning to the
word "jock".

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