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2005-02-02 04:45:59 (UTC)


Wow, you will not believe this guys. It's like too good to
be true! Sean and I are going to Mexico!! His parents
decided that they were going to go this year for spring
break because Sean was suppose to go 2 years ago. Well,
you know how it is, finding out that your bf or gf is
going on Vacation and you'll be stuck at home w/o them.
Well not this time!!! They asked me to come with!! It's
like the greatest thing ever! I've always wanted to go to
mexico! It seems so pretty down there and i've always
wanted to go to a different country (besides Canada). It's
awesome! We're staying in a motel on the beach from March
29th to April 5th and we might go snorkling and stuff and
maybe jet skiing. Wow, just thinking about it is just too
perfect. And the coolest thing about this whole thing is
that both of our parents are cool with me coming with.
Sure we're gonna hafta stay in separate rooms ofcourse,
but that is definitly understandable and makes perfect
sense, but just the fact that my mom actually trusts me
and belives that everything will be okay. Just the other
day she told me that my cousin was supposed to go to
Mexico but didn't get to cuz my Aunt didn't trust her.
Lol, wow, i guess my mom REALLY trusts me, lol. So u know
what this means now (Sean don't be mad) but i think i'm
gonna start laying off on all the sweet stuff and maybe
start exercisiong and shit so i could look okay, lol. IF
it's not too late (I HOPE!!!) But i'm not gonna go into
full detail about that. So guess, i'm gonna go now. Later!

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