You think you know, but you have no idea
2005-02-02 04:37:37 (UTC)

special project

my sugar and i are in the library right now. he has some
type of
project. i just walked with him my new shoes
that we just bought. they almost hurt the soles of my feet.

omg, jahmeel just walked by. we have a test tomorrow.
world lit. omg. omg. ohmigod! i have to study. omg.

oh well. uhm, jacques needs to hurry up. i have to
pee-pee. besides, its time to "play" or at least bathe.
he-he! :) who knows, i might put my tongue on him
tonight...not like it will be a surprise. i've been doing
that since the 21st. i spoil him.

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