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2005-02-02 04:13:22 (UTC)

what a day...

Today was a good day for me...i woke up late b/c i only
had 1 class and it wasn't until 4:30. went to lunch @
wendys with my mom then drove up to school & got there
around 1:45. hopped on the bus to college ave b/c i needed
to do my unit 1 language lab assignment for my italian
class. not too hard of a lab although i did have to repeat
the conversations a few times...damn they talk fast! lol
afterwards, i hopped back on the EE to cook and hung out
for about an hr until my Biology, Society, & Biomedical
Issues class (BBMI) started, which was the class @ 4:30pm.
went on the computers in Loree then moved my car to the
hickman hall parking lot. BBMI's class was
interesting...learned about prions & mad cow disease. i
really thought this class was gonna suck b/c the first 2
lectures we learned about cells & it was sooo god-awful
boring b/c it was stuff i learned like freshman yr of hs
in biology class. last lecture we watched this cool video
on viruses & how they originated, etc....so like i said,
today's video was on prions & the mad cow disease
issue...did u know that in japan & australia, every cow is
inspected for BSE (aka mad cow disease) before slaughtered
& put on the market for consumers to purchase?!? So you're
thinking, well ok...if australia & japan do that, the US
def has to! HAHAHA...THINK AGAIN!!! The USDA only inspects
about 1% of all cows in the US for mad cow disease,
meaning that majority of the beef we eat could have the
potential of carrying BSE....pretty scary right?!? It's
even funnier how this farm owner in Wisconsin wanted to
inspect every single one of his cows before slaughtered &
put on the market...well, the USDA said no there's no time
for that & it's unneccessary!! Kinda sounds like they're
more concerned with how much their products sell & the $$$
they make over public health?!?! anyways--call me a dork
or what not, but i found it really interesting

After class, i flew home as normal on 18 and walked in the
door around 6:40 & ate dinner...got a phone call from my
uncle from queens telling me he was on his way just to
change my mom's bandage (she had surgery on her
hand)....isnt that nuts?! its like a 1.5 hr drive here
from his house & he didn't even sleep over b/c he wanted
to get home b/c 2morrow he can't drive to work b/c he
doesn't have a parking spot @ the hospital where he works
(he takes the bus into manhattan)...it was extremely nice
of him to do what he did though...now its like 11:15pm and
ive gotta wake up @ 8:15ish am tomorrow so i think ima
call it a night...sweetest dreams! xOxO ~Rachel 3

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