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2005-02-02 04:10:27 (UTC)

February 1st

dear online-journal,
Today is the first day of my diary. I am kind of
excited and want to keep it going. This morning I woke up
from Maura's house, walked to mine, there was no hot water
so I couldn't take a shower. I might take a bath tonight.
After I got ready I waited for the bus and rode it to
school, nothing new. Nothing exciting happened.I talked to
Joe today in math, but I don't remember what was said.
Trifilo had to move next to me and kept staring at me and
asking me whether I liked Joe or not. And to tell the
I don't even know if I like him or not. I know the I love
the attention he gives me, but he himself I am not sure
about. Maybe its mean, because Maura says I am leading him
on but its not leading if I am attracted to him, is it? And
since I am not sure about it, I... don't really know what I
am babbling on about. Chelsea is moving in 2 weeks and
Ashely said she's not going to our highschool. On the bus
Jose said his hand was sticky from throwing m & m's so he
rubbed my leg and sqeezed my knee! I went to the therapist
and didn't say much. Mom is planning a date and toni is
watching american idol.