Foamy Bagel

Squirrelly Wrath
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2005-02-02 01:20:17 (UTC)

Mood: Kind of irritated

I have part of a song stuck in my head:

*put it to the tune of the Candyman song from Willy Wonka
('who can take a rainbow (who can take a rainbow), and
sprinkle it with dew (sprinkle it with dew'))*

'who can paint their face up (who can paint their face up),
and where a ninja suit (and where a ninja suit)

If any of you are juggalos/lettes, then you know that that
part is from the song 'Underground Baby'... Shaggs sings
the first part and the girl Michelle Rapp repeats... she
has an awesome voice!

Yup... but besides hearing that part over and over and
over again life has been fine. No sign of whats-his-
name... o'well.

Love this:

'Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath away.'

Beautiful, is it not... *sigh*... I need more quotes
(FoamyFoamyFoamy), k? Make more...

'I would rather drink you then this bottle'

Talk to you all later!


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